Great Depression 100 Word Challenge

During The Great Derpression most families had no food or money and looking at this picture it doesn’t even seem like they have clothes. Members of the family include a mother with a child on her lap (that might be sleeping or dead) a father with a piece of cloth on his shoulder and a half naked little boy in his lap (who is wearing no pants) a girl ( I think) who is holdin a bedpost and an old lady who is most likely to be their grandma. The family isn’t clean at all and they all have short hair. In a corner of the floor there is no wood but a pile of rocks in its place. The families house isn’t very lean and because the picture is black an white.

100 word challenge sling short

The first thing I thought when I saw this video is that I would really like to go on that ride. When I saw their faces while being fling into the air on this crazy ride I started to laugh. The man on the left looked like he was not having a great time but the man on the right looked like he was having the time of his life screaming and pulling all the faces he could think of. The sound and the quality of this video was not very good because their laughs and screams were quite muffled and the camera was blurry.

Sling shot ride

100 word challange

I think that the guy on the left is enjoying it way more because he seams happy but the other guy looks like he is gonna be sick which wouldn’t end up very good because it would most likely splat back onto his face, I hope he didn’t have food before hand because they wouldn’t end happily. The person on the left is smiling and laughing with to me shows he is enjoying himself and having a good time


When I watched this video I thought that the 2 men were feeling different emotions. The man on the right looked excited to be there and seemed to be enjoying himself. He waved a few times and he looked relaxed. I think the thoughts that were running through his mind were that he was loving it and he’d probably wanted to do it again.The man on the left looked scared and nervous and was holding on tight. I think he was thinking ‘I want to get off’ and ‘what am I doing here.’

Sling Shot Ride!!

Well, honestly, I am confused because, one, the men keep on reacting differently at different times and two, why would they both do that? But anyways, one of them looks, most of the time, like “HELP ME!!! I’M GONNA DIE!!” Whereas the other guy is all like, “Oh ayy bro. This ride seems like hella fun.” Honestly, I think that I would totally go on this ride. But, only by myself cause yeah. Anyways, did these two men even know each other? No? They just happened to be on the same ride and the same time? That seems likely. Bye!

100 Word Challenge / Sling Shot Ride

I would be petrified and so is the guy in the Puma jumper but his friend doesn’t seem as scared. He seems quite calm but excited. The ride slings back and forth as if there is no stop and then suddenly it starts getting slower. It has finnaly stopped the man in the Puma jumper is thinking while his friend wants to go again. Some people enjoy the thrill, some just don’t like it, some get dizzy, and some are sick. What do you think, what’s your opinion? I would be sick but I wouldn’t go on the ride anyway.

sling shot ride

when I saw the guys screaming I started to laugh my head of because it was so funny the guy on the left was so scared while the guy on the right was having a blast and a fun time. Personally if I went on that ride I would be screaming but having fun at the same time so those men were pretty brave to go on the sling shot ride. When the men were getting into the ball by the look of there face you could tell they were scared to get on the ride and have fun together.

100 Word Challenge – Slingshot Ride

This video looks to me like the guy on the right is having a lot of fun, but is scared at the same time and the guy on the left looks scared but isn’t screaming as much as the guy on the right. This video isn’t very good quality and the sound isn’t very good. I think you would have to be pretty brave to go on this ride because you get swung upside down quite a lot and it looks like both the people in the video are scared. I wouldn’t want to go on this ride myself but I know many people would.


imageThis ride looks quite scary so if you go on it or have already been on it you are extremely brave, being flung around like that. The two people on the ride look pretty scared but the guy on the right looked like he was having a good time in the mix of his screaming face. The guy on the left didn’t really do that much but open his mouth a couple of times but the guy on the right was going absolutely crazy. Pulling faces, screaming like crazy and of in a way having a good time. The guy on the left looked like he was going Yay and I sort of scared and the guy on the right looked like he was thinking OMG! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH and I AM SO SCAAAARED.




The slingshot is an amazing ride and it is very scary especially if you go on it. It’s scary because you get flung right up about 500 meters up in the air now that would be pretty scary even if your a tough person. It is awesome I would go on it personally because I am just a daredevil and it would be awesome and cool. But those guys in the video looked pretty ¬†scared and it is scary for people who can’t take that sort of stuff. I would go on it yes definitely I’m going on the slingshot.