Performance Review June 10th 2016 “Silent Shooters”

This semester we were given the opportunity to create a performance that we would have to show to other kids that thought they were interested in whatever we were performing whether it be dancing or trickshots.

In my group I had Aidan, Ben and Josh. For our performance we showed a video of our trickshots that we had pre recorded. Our trickshots were filmed at the Trott park playground. At the playground they have a basketball ring and soccer goals. In our video we had 12 clips which went for a total of 2 minutes.

All of us did different types of sports Aidan did football trickshots, Ben did soccer trickshots, Josh did rugby trickshots and I did basketball trickshots.

For our workshop we took a bag of the equipment required to play our designated sport. Once we got the space used for our sport we started doing some drill and some set shots that will help the students improve their skills.

It was very unfortunate because for our first workshop we had to come back early because it started raining, but luckily we were able to setup a little drill sort of thing in the studio.

Personally I think the day was a success. It was also good getting to see other classmates performances and I think one of the best thinks was see Miss Fisher.

By Harry B

The picture displayed below is a picture of the poster that our group designed to advertise our performance.


One thought on “Performance Review June 10th 2016 “Silent Shooters”

  1. Thanks Harry! I loved coming to see everyones hard work pay off! I was so proud of you guys and the effort you put in! x Ms Fisher

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