Last year was the 100th anniversary of when ANZACs started war in 1915. Last year I went to the ANZAC Day Port Adelaide game where they did a memorial. I know that Albert Jacka won the VC (Victorian Cross). ANZAC Day is when we commemorate the soldiers who died and served in all wars. image

ANZAC Acrostic Poems…

Why did I come here.

Although I didn’t want to

Remember why we came….


Boats drifted slowly towards the shore

Armed men ready to advance

You sat there, clutching your gun

On this April morning

Next to you, I sat smiling, gun shaking in hand

Eager to make my way

To the shores of Gallipoli


The sun shone over the hill

Under fire, we make our way to the shore

Running up the hill, Turks shot.

Killing our comrades

I felt a sharp pain

Shrapnel piercing through my skin

Head buried in my arms, I lay on the rocky hill…




Tidal Ecosystems

imageWhat is a Tidal Ecosystem? A Tidal Ecosystem is the area between a high and low tide where organisms live.

Why are they important? Tidal Ecosystem are important because they provide homes for living organisms such as mangrove, muscles, crabs etc.

Where can you find a Tidal Ecosystem? St Kilda Mangroves is a Tidal Ecosystem located North of Adelaide.

What kinds of animals live in the Ecosystem? The kinds of animals that live there are crabs, barnacles, brittle stars, algae, small fish, Ray’s, muscles and sea snails.


Aquatics 2016

Aquatics was a great experience even though I went last year in year 6. I did snorkelling and surfing with Noah, Toby, Trent, Kyte and Jackson. Snorkelling on Monday was alright. We went snorkelling over the small Reef and around it. We saw little and big fish and a giant blue crab. On Tuesday we went to the big reef and we swam over it. There. Was the ladder at the bottom of the ocean floor and a lot of fish on the top middle and bottom of the ocean.

Surfing on Monday was alright the waves were good but not the best and I couldn’t stand up so it wasn’t that fun. On Tuesday the waves looked bad but when we got there they were better then Monday. I could stand up every wave but eventually fall off. I rode a few waves all the way to the shore.

If I was going next year I would do fishing and sailboarding because I go fishing with my dad a lot and we go squidding somethings as well. Sailboarding because I want to learn how to sailboard because I want to learn new things that I can do in the ocean.

When I went on the Reef it was a great experience because the year 6s didn’t get to go on the Reef last year. We had an instructor called benny and he was awesome because he gave us fist bumps and told us a lot about the Reef. It is very interesting about how the Reef was created.

Class Pet Yabbies

This is our class pet yabbie. It doesn’t have a name but it’s a boy, we decided to make it a male we don’t know if it really is but who cares. We freshly caught this yabbie on Friday when all the year 5/6/7 classes went to the duck pond. The people who caught them were kind enough to gives us some. If you want to see the whole family go to the all boys class Room 17. We have made a set up for the yabbies, we feed them beef heart, well mr z does atleast.

 imageHarry B with Aidan