Aquatics review

On the 29th and 1st of February and March the year sixes, sevens and fives from Ms. Guinan’s class went to Port Noarlunga Beach for Aquatics.

We departed at 9:00 in the morning. I say next to my friend, Anisa and talked about fan fiction’s for the whole time.

We arrived and were taken to a platform. We were given basic instructions to put on our wetsuit, vest and make our way to our flag. I was doing surfing and snorkeling for both days.

My surfing group consisted of Cameron Honeyman, Garauv Vashist, Josh Burrows, Flynn Penhall, Lachlan Shar, Jacob Thomas and Me! Our instructors name was J.K.

Okay, surfing was really hard… I was terrible at it and received a board to the neck. Yeah, it didn’t really hurt all that much… The walk back was long and tiring.

My next activity was snorkeling. My group consisted of Shae Murphy, Lily Wedding, Maddi Holt, Brianna Chambers, Hayley, Cameron Honeyman and me~

We snorkelled on the reef and I got to hold a sea star. We were snorkeling for a long time and the we caught the rubber ducky back to shore.

We had lunch and then the year sevens went on the reef walk. My group leader was Scuba Steve. Our team name was ‘The Team’… Best name ever! While we were on the reef, I got to hold a sea urchin, sea star and I got to eat a piece of kelp!!

On day two we got straight into our wetsuits and vests. We went to our surfing group. Unfortunately, there was no waves we could catch so, we went body-boarding instead.

This time for snorkeling, we went in James Bond style. That was fun… Snorkeling was so fun, I was duck diving all the time…

The year sevens went on a walk across the Onkaparinga River.We learnt lots of new information and had heaps of fun.

In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed Aquatics and will miss it a lot…image