Performance Reveiw 2016

imageBy the end of Term 1, Our class and Ms Whelan’s class decided to have a Fringe Festival, where everyone got into groups and had to come up with ideas for a performance they could do. In my group there was Ansia, Emily, Nisha, myself and Leonora, who sadly couldn’t make it on the day.
Our first idea was to do a Carpool Karaoke, but one day when we had to present in front of everyone, Leonora, Anisa and myself came up with a very risky idea, because Emily and Nisha were away we changed it to a dance. A Just Dance inspired dance routine. A big challenge that happened that night was we had a problem choosing the dance and song. After 3 hours, we finally chose the song- Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeild, and practised the dance so much, so we could remember every bit. We came up with a lot of our own moves because we wanted to make it ours.
We wanted to have blocks so we could be above everyone when we did our performance, and we also had set spots so that the audience would see all of us.20160614-112311-1wx1ghe.jpg

On June 10th we had Performance Day, “Yay!!”, a big problem that happened was I forgot my black t shirt, and my mum was a life saver, she had to pay $25, to get a taxi to come and bring it for the day. Our first performance was in the Hall, at 11:55, 7 people had booked to come and watch and we also had Ms Murphy’s class as well. All during it I was anxious and excited. With the second one at 2:15 we had Mrs Langton’s and half of the 5/6 class come to our performance. It was great fun except for the technical difficulties with the music.

We all had a great time with the workshop. Everyone wanted to learn more. It took them a long time to process every step, and when we finished early we asked everyone for feedback, and all of it was good, most of them said they loved every bit. After that Emily started playing the song Uptown Funk, and we all just did random dancing, when they were leaving we all got high fives, and we were more excited for the next one.


imageWhat is Anzac Day?

Anzac Day is when we remember the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who fought for our countries. When they landed in Gallipoli in 1915 on the 25th of April, it was that day, that is now called Anzac Day.

Why do we commemorate Anzac Day?

We commemorate Anzac Day because we need to remember the dead or the fallen who served in all wars and fought and defended their country.

Tidal Ecosystems

What is an tidal ecosystem?

I A tidal ecosystem is were the water drops to a low tide and a rises to a high tide.

Why are they important?

They are important for animals. They provide habitats and food for animals and plants.

Where can you find a tidal ecosystem?
In Saint Kilda. Thats 56 minutes from Woodend Primary School.

What kind of plant and animals live in the tidal ecosystem?
imagesThe animals and plants that live in the area are:
.small fish
.sea snails

Aquatics review


On Monday the 29th of Febuary and the 1st of March, the year 6/7’s         and some year 5’s, went to Port Noarlunga beach for Aquatics. We go ther to learn about the reef and achieve or challenge ourselves in the activities.

Our first activity was body boarding. In my group there was Emily, Leonora, Nisha, Lili, Lilia, Erini and myself. Our instructor Brooke told us to have a try paddling while catching a wave, which made it a lot easier to catch one. On the secound day there was bearly any waves, so we all decided instead we’d make a raft. So we put all our boards on top of each other and lots of us wanted to stand on top of them, we also got as many of us on there at a time.

Our secound activity was wave skiing, in my group it was mainly just my friends, Anisa, Niki, Leonora, Emily, Nisha, Erin and myself. Our instructor told us to get over the fact that we went quite far out deep, until I fell off and realised it wasn’t at all. On the secound day we did some rafting and a few of us got to run up and down everyone’s wave ski, but actually everybody fell of at one point. We even went further out to Sea, we could even see that we were about to hit the reef, some people even got to walk on it. Somethings that I really enjoyed about this was I got to get over a fear and I got to be with my besties.

I loved the reef walk we had an instructor named Andrew, he was quite funny, however we also got to see a Seastar up close, it was enjoyable.