100 Word Challenge- Slingshot Ride

The first thing i thought when i saw the ride was, ‘WOW i need to go on that ride.’ But when i saw their faces on the twists and turns of the ride i started laughing, especially since the man on the left wasn’t doing anything and then on the other hand the man on the right side was screaming and laughing and making all kinds of faces. At other times in the video i felt scared and anxious for them, firstly because i thought that one of them would throw up and secondly because i thought that they might cry all over the place. Overall it seemed like an awesome ride and i think that it might be fun to try out sometime in the future.

100 word challenge – slingshot ride

I think that the rider on the left in this video is quite scared whereas the person on the right is enjoying the thrill of the ride and the adrenalin rush it is bringing. The only thing that I think could be going through their heads are: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Aah aaha aah!” And “wooooooooooo hoooooooooooooo!” I think that I would enjoy that ride and hope to go on it if I get to go to the Adelaide show this year. The one on the left doesn’t seem to do anything but look up, look down, and open and close his mouth. The man on the right however, is yelling and screaming for it is so much fun through his eyes and mind. That is what I see when watch this video.

100 Word Challenge (Slingshot ride)

Watching the video I was anxious to see what would happen and also scared for the people riding it becscar, I’ve seen people throw up and sometimes pass out on the slingshot ride. The guy wearing the white Puma jumper on the right seemed really confident and excited about going on the slingshot ride. Unlike the guy wearing the guy jumper on the left on the other hand looked scared, anjumper, nervous and excitedBe at the same time…When the ride finished they were both beaming with happhappiness feel their feet on the ground again and that the torture was over.

100 Word Challenge ( Show ) By Emily

When I first started watching this I felt scared for the guys on the ride. The guy on the left was probably laughing at his friend so hard on the inside from hearing him scream. Half of the time when i was watching the video i was cracking up laughing cause of the faces they pulled. I was also bitting my nails from how scared I was that they were going to fall of the ride even though they were safely secured on the ride. They must have thought that the ride wasnt going to be as scary as it was. On the right there was a guy laughing when he was getting buckled in at the start must of thought that it would be funny.

Week 6 Show Writing Task

The Royal Adelaide Show is just around the corner! Show rides always create lots of excitement. Watch this short clip of 2 men on the ‘Slingshot’ ride and write a 100-word challenge with a focus on the thoughts, emotions and feeling of the riders. This task is due by Friday!

100 word challenge – what I really enjoy……

I really enjoy playing minecraft with my friends. I like to play minecraft because it is a very creative game that includes a lot of real life situations through fun. For example; you need food, like apples from trees or farms, you need a shelter, there are dangerous creatures that you need to either run from or fend off. I think minecraft CAN be very realistic which is why I like it.

I also like to read. I like to read because it lets me enter a different world. A world of my own. And books usually have very interesting plot lines which I enjoy following. I really like to talk to others who have read these books and find plot holes with them.

I enjoy these activities.


I Really Enjoy 100 word challenge

I really enjoy being with my friends while working and seeing them out of school hours. When we see each other out of hours we love to sing, dance and act like two year olds. In school my favourite things to do are Fitness ( Soul Survivor) and Japanese as I’m starting to learn the letters better now. When I’m by myself I love to watch Youtube especially Shaytards, Bratayley and Romanatwoodvlogs. Also doing random crazy dances to Nova and singing to Sound of Music (Do-Re-Me and My Favourite Things) and Charlie Puth. My favourite food is Pizza especially BBQ Maetlovers and cheese also Roasted Marshmallows and fondue with fruit. My Favourite colours are black, perry wrinkle, light aqua and light green.

I really enjoy…….. by Nisha Naidu

I really enjoy working on activitys with my friends like maths problems, spelling and fun fact projects. I also really enjoy art like creating and making unique things. My favourite thing to do is to spend time outdoors in the beautiful nature.

What I like in all of the subjects is that all of them include fun like fun activitys fun working as a class and we also have a fun teacher which is the best.

I really enjoy spending time with my friends and family like going places to the movies, beach, outdoor park, Adelaide show and many more.

thanks for reading WHAT I REALLY ENJOY…..




Performance Review June 10th 2016 “Silent Shooters”

This semester we were given the opportunity to create a performance that we would have to show to other kids that thought they were interested in whatever we were performing whether it be dancing or trickshots.

In my group I had Aidan, Ben and Josh. For our performance we showed a video of our trickshots that we had pre recorded. Our trickshots were filmed at the Trott park playground. At the playground they have a basketball ring and soccer goals. In our video we had 12 clips which went for a total of 2 minutes.

All of us did different types of sports Aidan did football trickshots, Ben did soccer trickshots, Josh did rugby trickshots and I did basketball trickshots.

For our workshop we took a bag of the equipment required to play our designated sport. Once we got the space used for our sport we started doing some drill and some set shots that will help the students improve their skills.

It was very unfortunate because for our first workshop we had to come back early because it started raining, but luckily we were able to setup a little drill sort of thing in the studio.

Personally I think the day was a success. It was also good getting to see other classmates performances and I think one of the best thinks was see Miss Fisher.

By Harry B

The picture displayed below is a picture of the poster that our group designed to advertise our performance.


Performance Day Review June 10th 2016

Performance Day Review 10th June 2016

‘The Masked Dancers’

At the end of term 1, Mr Z’s class and Ms Whelan’s class decided to do a Fringe inspired performance day. We got to choose our groups and what we did for our performances. In my group was Tahli, Danica, Chloe, Talitha and I. We had a lot of challenges deciding what to do as we all had different ideas. At first we wanted to do face painting for our workshop but we didn’t know what to do for our performance. Chloe and I were thinking of doing a play, but no one else wanted to. We finally decided not to do face painting, and we got inspired by a broken plastic mask in the sports box to paint masks and wear them while dancing. Our first idea for a dance was for Danica and Tahli to stand at the front, and Talitha, Chloe and I to paint on them “to the music”. We then realised, with the teachers help, that that idea would never work. Mr Z then helped us by giving us the idea to paint the masks with traditional patterns from a certain country, then to do that country’s traditional dance. After a lot of arguments, we finally decided to do an Indian dance with Indian masks, and a mask making workshop. We took a long time to choose the music, and then when we couldn’t decide, Nisha told us a song that her and Anisa were using at their Bollywood dance lessons called Radha On The Dance Floor. We decided to use this song for our dance. Then we had to come up with the dance moves. This took us quite a while as a lot of the moves on Youtube were a bit too complicated. We finally came up with some moves and when I went home one night I came up with about half of the dance to music. I showed the rest of the group the dance I had come up with, and we decided to go with it. After we had practiced the moves in the dance and changed some of it a bit we needed to finish the dance, but we didn’t want to have to learn more moves as it would take us longer to finish the dance. We decided to just repeat the dance and then add one of the moves we didn’t do much in the dance on the end, as we still had some of the song left. After we had come up with the dance we had to practice.

We had to show our dance to the class and teachers so that they could see what we had done. We just showed the class some of the moves we had because we still needed a lot of practise. Ms Whelan said that she liked our dance moves and the idea we had, which we were surprised about as we thought she wouldn’t like it. The only “bad” thing she said about our performance was that we still needed a lot of practise, which we knew already. We then had to decide what we were going to wear for our performance. We chose to wear a colourful top with baggy pants that Chloe had from Bali, as well as our masks painted with traditional Indian patterns.

In term 2 we only had another 6 weeks to finish our dance. We couldn’t find the masks we wanted anywhere for our performance. We then found out that Mrs Shevchenko had some. She let us use them for our dance which we were very happy about. We had to decorate them ourselves as there wasn’t enough time to do them together. I decorated mine with a lot of flowery looking decorations and paisley designs. When it came to week 5 term 2 we only had 1 week to get it done. The weekend before the performance I invited everyone over to my house to practice the dance because we really needed to practice. Unfortunately Tahli couldn’t come as she was away camping, but everyone else came and we got the dance pretty much almost perfect.

In week 6 term 2 it was our performance day on the Friday. We were all nervous and excited. Our first performance was at 11:55 AM and was in the hall. Ms Fisher came and watched as she had helped all of us with our performances. We were paired up with another dance group called Salsa Squad. In this group was Nisha, Skye, Emily, Anisa and Leonora. Unfortunately Leonora was sick so she missed out on the day. In our first performance we had about 4 kids from Mrs Cullen’s class, 2 kids from Mrs Gregory’s class, and Miss Murphy’s class. For our workshop Danica and Chloe had brought some of their old art supplies for the kids to use. We took half of the group and Salsa Squad took the other half. Our half of the group decorated paper masks and then we got them ready for them to wear. They all looked great and the kids had a lot of fun making them. The only problem we had was that Danica had brought a box of tiny beads and one of the kids just tipped the whole thing on his mask and they went everywhere.

Our second performance was at 2:15 PM in the gym. This time we had Mrs Langton’s class, half of Mrs Natar’s class and half of Ms Bolt’s class watching. At the workshop we decided not to use the beads this time. Even though a lot of the kids were older they looked like they were having fun and all the masks looked great. Overall the whole day was a lot of fun and it was worth all the work.